In this blog, I travel the surrounding cities of Los Angeles. Each blog is about a specific city in the Los Angeles area (not always Los Angeles itself), including some in Orange County and possibly other neighboring counties. I give choices of unique things to do in that city, while describing what I chose to do and how I would rate my experience. I always choose to do one interesting activity or event with one restaurant/eatery. Not everything I choose is costly. In fact, I usually choose activities that are very reasonably priced, discounted, or even free.

Why the surrounding cities of L.A.?

When you visit other countries, you come to discover how much the rest of the world envies the States, and particularly this infamous Los Angeles with Hollywood, Laguna Beach, Big Bear, and several metropolitan down towns within driving distance of each other. It’s fun to travel, but understanding the gift we have to live in one of the richest and most diverse areas in the world is priceless. So, I’m here to explore it all–city by city, town by town– all of what our great LA backyard has to offer: the renown, up and coming, and undiscovered.